What is Samsung Kies? Upgrade Latest Firmware using Samsung Kies

Samsung Kies comes handy for those who desire to upgrade their Samsung Galaxy device manually with the current firmware version prior to Samsung galaxy note 3. In addition, the software is useful in creating a backup for all the data stored and allows you to transfer media content between your PC and smartphone. 

Firstly the motive of this post is to guide all the Samsung galaxy users on how you can use Samsung Kies to upgrade your smartphone. Kies is available in certain versions and editions. Moreover, Depending on the precise Samsung device and the OS it is working. Kies (currently in version supports devices with Android 2.1 through 4.2. Kies3 (version 3.x) supports devices with Android Jelly Bean (4.3 and up). As a result, attempting to use Kies with newer devices, or Kies3 with older devices will produce an error message. Anyhow users should note that its unable to install region-specific ROMs and custom ROM to your smartphone using the Samsung Kies program. So, having said that, let jump straight into the article itself: 

What is Samsung Kies? 

Samsung Kies is a program or a tool with the help of which you can easily upgrade your smartphone to the current firmware version, provided that it is available for your smartphone via Kies application. Therefore, older Samsung Galaxy devices have the tendency to accept the program faster.

In addition, the software manages your media, files, contacts, etc and helps to sync the data of your phone and backup your contacts, which is proven to be helpful if any mishap occurs. Meanwhile, when it interacts with other devices or PC you can comfortably transfer media files like music and video and vice versa. One the other hand majority of Samsung phones accept this software. To speak briefly about the practicality of this application, it exhibits a simple user interface, and you need to install Kies software on your computer and plug your phone to PC, and you are set to go. 

Why Do We Need to Upgrade Firmware of Samsung Devices? 

Completing firmware upgrades can improve device performance, by frequently upgrading firmware, bugs on the Samsung device can be fixed in time so that your phone system is running nicely.  

Main Features of Samsung Kies 

  • Kies is the official software by Samsung that allows you to manage, transfer, and enjoy the content, including photos, videos, music, contacts, and calendar events between your compatible mobile device and a computer. 
  • Can be used to backup Samsung devices and other supported Android devices. 
  • Could be used to restore your phone to the state of the latest backup. 
  • It’s quick and has a simple user interface that makes it easy to understand and use. 
  • Kies also allows you to sync your Microsoft Outlook content to a smartphone on your PC. 
  • Connects easily via USB cable, although WiFi can be used for some devices. 
  • Update your mobile phone. 

Advantages Samsung Kies

Speaking of the advantages of Samsung Kies the tool periodically updates your phone adding some new features to it and enabling a safety backup. As a result, all your old bugs get fixed in the new version. You will have superior compatibility with newer devices and you can also get current firmware update with the current version of kies. It can assist you in transferring files from PC to your phone and vise versa creating a bridge between your phone and PC.

Disadvantages Samsung Kies

If you have Samsung galaxy devices prior to Samsung galaxy note 3 devices then Kies are of great support. Cause it works wonders on older devices. In the course of backup or transferring files, occasionally you get an error message. As soon as the message is closed the program will also be closed automatically. The unofficial custom ROMs cannot be installed on your device and also ROMs from other regions cannot be installed using kies. Hence proving difficult to handle sometimes.

There are a variety of versions of Kies available. The latest version is 11. 
It supports devices with Android 2.1 through 4.2. Kies3 [version 3.x].
Supports all smart devices running Android version 4.3 or higher. Samsung Galaxy Note3 and Galaxy Gear are now supporting Kies 3.0. 
You’ll need Kies 2.6 to be downloaded if your device runs a system older than Android 4.3. 
In case your update process goes incorrect, all of your details disappear just like that, it’s always best to back up existing data in your Samsung phones before upgrading. 

How to Download and install the firmware using Samsung Kies

image credits to androidcentral

Download Samsung Kies

Kies V2.6

How to Download and install the firmware using Samsung Kies:

Follow this step to upgrade to the latest firmware using Samsung Kies.

Backup Data: Its really important to backup all your data from the device(contacts, calendar, photos, and other files). If you don’t backup data from your device before you upgrade the firmware you will lose all of the data’s, please make sure before you proceed to upgrade. Check this link How to backup your data without root.

  • Let’s check the first step, you need to download and install Samsung Kies software on your computer.
  • Make sure you download and install the USB Driver on your computer. (recommended)
  • Open and Run the Samsung Kies software on your computer.
  • Now let’s connect your Samsung device to the computer using a USB Cable.

Samsung Kies installation Process- Usb Connect

  • The name of your device model shows on your Samsung Kies left-hand side of the screen.
  • Just click on the name or model of your device. (eg. SM-G950F)
  • Similarly, to Download any latest firmware for Samsung smartphone – Go to this Samsung Firmware list and Search for your device model.

Samsung Kies installation Process- phone connection

  • Now click on export/import tag and make sure that all your contacts are exported to your computer.
  • After exporting all data, a notification to upgrade your phone will appear if any new version is available.

Samsung Kies installation Process- update

  • Review the on-screen directions. Then you need to check the agreement box and click on the Startup upgrade.
  • Software update begins here and it can take up to 60 minutes for the whole process so that you cannot use your device. Don’t disconnect your device until the update is complete.

Samsung Kies installation Process- firmware update

That’s it! Now your handset updated on Samsung’s new Android version.

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