Top 10 Apps to Backup Your Android Phone Without Root

Here in this post we will be introducing you top 10 backup apps to backup your smartphones. As we all know all our devices that we are using will fail at some point of time. That’s where the BACKUP plays an important role. Yes, your device will fail. You may lose your device or stolen by someone or in some case we might think to change our smartphones and we just don’t know when. It can last for lifetime but it cannot so if it doesn’t what is your plan for backup your data. Backups are something that we rarely think about but something that will come in handy time and time again.

There are lots of ways to backup your android phones to safeguard. Your important data’s, images, videos, contacts and a lot more files from your smartphones. So let’s not waste any time and lets dive into the details.


Top 10 Apps to Backup Your Android Phone Without Root

Here is the details of Top 10 apps to Backup your Android phones without Root.

Backup & Restore

Backup & Restore-APK

This is a very simple app. Once you install it in your home screen you will see the option where you can backup all your data’s. In this app you will get, App, APK, Contacts, SMS and even call log backup. There is a future you can create multiple copies of backup. So that if there is any App update you can roll back to the previous App if you liked it better than the new one. You can also store your backups on to cloud storage like Google drive and it also contains an uninstall manager related to send APK’s via Bluetooth, email and Wi-Fi.

Easy Backup – Contacts Transfer and Restore

Easy Backup-Contacts Transfer and Restore-APK

Here’s another app that you can use to backup, restore, and transfer your contacts between any mobile device. This application is specifically designed to transfer and store the contacts list. Easy Backup allows you to back up your phone’s entire list of contacts with a single tap by uploading your contacts to a secure cloud to keep them safe. You can also transfer your VCF file of your contact book to any of your registered email.

Easy Backup-Contacts Transfer and Restore-Guide

In addition, you can also make use of various cloud services. Such as Gmail, Google Drive, SMS, Dropbox, Skype, Telegram to transfer and store your contact list.

Helium – App Sync and Backup

Helium – App Sync and Backup-APK

Helium-app sync and Backup app. This is another application where your device dose not require rooting to backup and restore. Through this app you can backup your data and apps to any cloud storage or to your SD card. You can sync app data from other Android devices even if it’s not on the same network.


Buggy Backup Pro

Buggy Backup Pro-APK

Another handy application to backup your data and apps without rooting your device. In this application you can backup data, system settings, contacts, messages and many also offers Advanced Auto Backup system for both Installers and App Data.

Buggy Backup Pro2-Guide

In addition, you can also backup your apps in internal storage, SD Card, USB drive or in any cloud services. Such as Google drive, Drop Box, One Drive.

Backup Your Mobile


Here is another user-friendly application to backup your device. This application offers a lot of features and that’s the only reason why this application stands out among the others. By using Backup your Mobile app, you can backup and restore: Contacts, SMSes, MMSes, Call logs, System settings, Secure system settings, Wifi passwords, User dictionary, APNs, Calendar events, User applications, Bookmarks and browser history.

Backup Your Mobile2-APK

Your Backups can be stored in SD Card and device memory. In addition you can also make use of cloud storage’s. Such as Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive (SkyDrive), Yandex disk. It also offers automatic backups wherein your Application can automatically upload backups to Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive (SkyDrive), Yandex disk.

G Cloud Backup


A Free Android Backup App that is easy and safe to protect endless contacts, notes, images , videos, music, documents, logs, files, etc. This app itself is highly user-friendly, with a very basic user this app will provide an 1 GB storage space and it will be extended up to 10 GB.

G Cloud Backup2-APK

In addition, this App provides you Auto Backup for your Messages (SMS), contacts, call logs, documents, settings, photos (at full resolution), videos, music and it also backup your Camera, whatsapp, Viber Photos and videos. this app gives a privilege to protect your through passcodes and enables secure data transfer.

Resilio Sync

Resilio Sync-APK

Resilio sync is one of the best applications to transfer files between the devices within a matter of time. Sync allows you to transfer files directly from device to device. Share photos, videos, docs without storage limits, this works especially with huge files.Resilio Sync2-APKThis app will backup your camera automatically so every memorable pictures /moments that you capture will be backed up by this can easily Access folders and upload files to your tablet, PC, Mac, NAS, and even server from anywhere.

Super Backup & Restore

Super Backup & Restore-APK

Here comes another exciting application to backup and restore your android devices, through this app You can backup applications, contacts, text messages, call history, bookmarks, calendars to your SD card, Gmail, or Google Drive, also you can share installation APK files to your friends by a single tap.

Backup & Restore2-APK

In Addition, it will support to backup your voice call recording, it will perfectly record the phone call voice of both sides clearly to Mp3 files.

Dropbox: Cloud Storage to Backup, Sync, File Share


Dropbox let you basically put all your important files in the cloud and sync in between all your device such as MAC, PC, Smartphone, iPad, you could sync all your files across your devices very easily.


Dropbox can easily download in your device and you can sign in to transfer your all your important documents. Such as, Images, videos, PDF files, and more. This application very handy and we highly recommend this application to transfer your data for backup, one of the cool features of dropbox is you can get bonus of extra storage space if you share it to a new user.

Google Drive

Google Drive-APK

Google Drive is a secure place to back up and access all your files from any device. You can easily backup important files such as videos, photos, data and you can access them from any devices.

Google Drive2-Guide

In this cloud you can easily organise your files by just dragging it and dropping in to the folders. Drive uses Google AI to predict and surface what’s important for you in real-time. Drive recognizes important content, collaborators and events. Using features like Quick Access and ML-based search enhancements to connect each user with files that may require attention.G Suite’s Basic edition has 30GB of storage per user shared across Drive and Gmail.


To Backup your device you can make use of above mentioned Top 10 apps to backup your android devices. There are still more applications available to carry out backup process. However, we recommend you to try one of the above app to have a smooth transmission while you do backup. Google Drive is a secure place to back up and access all your files from any device.

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