How To Reset Camera On Huawei P50 Pro Detailed Guideline

Reset Camera on Huawei P50 Pro

Facing problems while clicking photos? It’s high time you reset your camera on Huawei P50 Pro. In the post below we have clearly explained how to restore camera defaults in Huawei P50 Pro. On the other hand, You will learn how to get into the advanced settings of your camera and renew the factory camera configuration. This will fix all of the problems linked with the camera performance.

When we speak about camera reset few doubts rise in our head such as How to reset the camera on Huawei P50 Pro? Then How to restore camera defaults on Huawei P50 Pro? How to refix the camera on Huawei P50 Pro? How to renew factory camera configurations on Huawei P50 Pro? Finally How to revamp the camera in Huawei P50 Pro?

Below you will find out How to reset the camera on Huawei P50 Pro 

  • “Press” and hold the “Power key” button for a few seconds as soon as you switch on your phone for the first time.
  • Then you need to click on “Camera”.

reset camera


  • Then select the “Settings” option.

reset camera

  • Finally, tap “Restore defaults

camera settings

  • Then click on OK.

reset camera

  • Outstanding!

Struggling to open a camera in Huawei P50 Pro?

If your struggling to open Camera, then follow the guide below to solve the problem

Check whether any apps are using the camera in your Huawei P50 Pro

The camera can be used by only one app at a time on android phones. On that account apps such as Flashlight and QR code scanner may not reprieve the camera precisely due to their design. In such cases, you need to
check and Close all the apps that are using the camera and try once again.
If you cannot sift out which app is using the camera, then restart your Huawei P50 Pro and try again.

Clear Camera data

At first Open “Settings”, search for and access Apps, locate Camera, then go to “Storage” > “CLEAR DATA“.

This process will reset the camera settings, but will not harm items in Gallery.

Check the camera permission for all third-party apps on your phone

If a third-party app fails to open the camera, then open “Settings“, search and access App permissions, tap on the “Photos” or “Videos/Camera” option, then you need to provide permission for the app.

Restore your Huawei P50 Pro to its factory settings

Back up your data and restore your Huawei P50 Pro to its factory settings:
Open “Settings“, search for and access “Factory data reset“, then follow the on-screen commands to complete the task.

If the issue reoccurs

Your phone’s hardware might be cracked. Go to Support > Checkup > Start and follow the onscreen commands to check the camera hardware. If the hardware is cracked, back up your data and take your Huawei P50 Pro and its purchase proof to an authorized Huawei Customer Service Center for assistance.

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