How to Download and Install ADB and Fastboot On Windows

In this post, we will guide you on how to download and install ADB and Fastboot on Windows. Most importantly this post will help you to Root your Android phone, Unlock the Bootloader of your phone, or install Custom ROM. Firstly let’s start with installing ADB and Fastboot on windows. ADB and Fastboot drivers must be required for Android users to connect their phones to Windows. At first, you need to know what is ADB and Fastboot Drivers and how to install ADB and Fastboot on windows. Both apps are extremely useful to modify and customize Android devices. In addition, using these drivers, you can send terminal commands to android devices. In short let me Explain to you What is ADB, what is fastboot and how to download and install ADB and Fastboot on your Windows PC.

How to Download and Install ADB and Fastboot On Windows

What is ADB?

ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge, Using ADB or Android Debug Bridge you can successfully connect your device with the PC.  We can claim in simple terms that you can use ADB commands to root your phone, unlock, flash new ROMs, install the latest update, and more. When this connection is set up, a lot of adjustments can be made, both at the system level and at the application level. For instance, you can remove bloatware from your device, pull or push files, or install OTA through the Sideload feature.

Tech enthusiasts take all this forward and carry out some specialized commands. To execute all of the ADB commands successfully You’ll just have to enable the USB Debugging on your devices. It would then open the ADB route between your device and PC, allowing you to easily exchange commands between devices. Go to the PC side, install the Android SDK Platform Tool to run a Command Prompt or PowerShell window to execute ADB commands.

What is Fastboot?

TrickyDroid - Fastboot

Like ADB, fastboot is also a key device for Android. As a result of this tool, you can easily modify the Android file system from your computer. Likewise, this will send commands to the bootloader, meaning you can flash/modify things like custom recoveries, unlock bootloaders, modify bootloaders, install a custom recovery, and everything. Not all phones have a fast boot mode that can be accessed by the user. However, it is enabled by default with Nexus devices and a few other phones and tablets and is enabled by Android developers and enthusiasts on some other devices.

On the other hand, it has the ability to flash/boot various types of ZIPs, and IMGs files like Magisk ZIP or TWRP.img, Boot your device to TWRP Recovery, files to name a few. Furthermore, if the necessary drivers are not installed, your PC will refuse to recognize your device in fastboot mode. The Android SDK platform tool will be useful again. Start the window CMD or PowerShell and execute the desired Fastboot Commands after installation.

TrickyDroid-Screen Shots4 2j

Use of ADB Commands

ADB allows you the opportunity to do things on an Android device that may not suit regular use. But can greatly benefit any user or developer experience. You can install apps outside the Play Store, debug apps or disable apps, access hidden features, and build a Unix shell. So you can issue commands directly on the device. For security purposes, Developer Options need to be unlocked or disabled, and you also need USB debugging mode enabled. Not only that, but you do also need to authorize or allow USB debugging to the same PC you are connected to with a USB cable. Check Adb useful commands list.

You will need ADB and Fastboot right from the beginning. Starting with Using ADB commands to boot your device to different modes, Fastboot, Downloader, and Inventory Recovery included. Besides this, you can also install and uninstall any application directly from your device on your computer. Also, you can move or transfer files between your computer and PC using these ADB commands. By using the (command) adb shell you could unlock the full ability of the device with so many secret modifications.

The Need for Fastboot Commands

To successfully implement any code changes on your device. The first stage is to overcome the restriction imposed by the OEM. Simply stated, the unlocked bootloader is the key pre-condition for qualifying your device, and this can only be achieved by supplying fastboot commands. Then, the many several activities or goodies that the unlocked bootloader offers always need some sort of support from these fastboot commands.

TWRP HomeThe need for fastboot commands is for Flashing a patched Magisk image for root, permanent installation of TWRP ZIP, or just booting its IMG file for one-time usage, both of which involve sufficient fastboot commands. Likewise, the plethora of mods that you encounter requires fastboot commands to be submitted, Even leaving all else aside the simple fact that fastboot is required to unlock the bootloader, root your device, and TWRP flash should have been enough to emphasize its importance. So, continue to install the appropriate tool on your Android SDK PC. Start Launch your PowerShell window or prompt command and approve your Android device and you have to remember while working with Android Plug Bridge, that you should enable USB debugging on your device from Developer Options.

Benefits of Fastboot and ADB Tool

  • It is compatible with any Android device.
  • Install Custom ROM.
  • Runs on both Mac and Windows OS(operating system).
  • Flash Custom Recovery.
  • Can install Root.
  • lock/Unlock/Relock the device bootloader.
  • Remove your phone’s bloatware.
Do you know? we have updated the complete guide on how to install ADB and Fastboot on Mac and Linux

Setup ADB and Fastboot on Windows

Android will offer a lot of hidden features for power users, that’s why Android is easy to use outside of the box, it’s quick and easy to use, many of these are hidden under the Developer Options menu. As the name implies, this feature is vital for developers to build Android apps, but it is not so important to the average user. So take a look at what the Android USB Debugging mode is for and whether you need it.

USB Debugging enables an Android device to communicate with the Android SDK computer to use advanced operations.

You will need to install the Android Software Developer Kit (SDK) on your PC when you develop Android applications.  SDK provides developers tools for making applications for a particular platform, It seems fairly easy to set up ADB and Fastboot. Since both ADB and Fastboot are part of the Android SDK package, only you can download the kit (more than 500 MB) and set up path variables, or you can use the methods below to install ADB and fastboot drivers on Windows. First of all, you must be aware that your device must be put in USB debugging mode, but you must enable the developer option before that. If you ignore this step, for example then you can’t recognize your device on your PC.

USB Debugging on

Download ADB and Fastboot tool:

  • 15 seconds ADB Installer
4.3: Download Here
  • Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool:
Version 1.4.3 (New): Download HerePortable Version

Version 1.4.2: Download Here

Version 1.4.0: Download Here

Version 1.3.1: Download Here

Version 1.3:0 Download Here

Version 1.2:0 Download Here

Download Android SDK Platform Tool  Android SDK Platform tool

How to Install ADB and Fastboot Tool:

Since we have three different ADB and Fastboot tools. On the other hand you can download and install the SDK platform or ADB Installer for 15 seconds. Well the Minimal ADB and Fastboot tool or the official Android SDK platform tool are recommended.

15 Second auto-installer:

  • First of all, Download adb-setup.exe.
  • Now Double click on adb-setup-1.4.3.exe. file
  • After that, you will see a blue background command prompt window. Say YES to this screen for all the prompts.

[Type Y and hit enter to say YES.]


  • Within a few seconds, the driver will install and the command window will automatically close.
  • Yes, you have Successfully Installed ADB and Fastboot on your Windows Computer.


  • ­­­­­­­Yes, you have Successfully Installed ADB and Fastboot on your Windows Computer.


Install Minimal ADB and Fastboot:

  1. Download the Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool exe installer package and double click to start the installation.
  2. After that, a new window will pop up, click YES or Run to confirm.
  3. Click on the Next button Continuously till the installation process complete.



  1. If you want to launch minimal ADB and fastboot on your screen, select the tick mark and click Finish to start the command on your windows screen.


That’s all Guys.

We have Updated Guideline on Basic terminal commands on ADB and fastboot, check this link if you want to become an Android Pro.

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