Easy Method to Wipe Cache Partition For Huawei P50 Pro

What wipe cache partition actually means?

Wipe cache partition deftly means clearing any temporary files that may be causing an issue to the device. Wiping the cache will not delete any of your apps or your data also your personal files and settings are not damaged by this option. It will simply delete the temporary junk which is worthless and unproductive. There is no harm in performing wipe cache partition as it only helps in keeping your phone updated and organized. It also aids in boosting the performance of the phone. In this post, let’s find out how to wipe cache partition Huawei P50 Pro

Wiping cache partition you can resolve issues such as:

  • The poor performance of your phone.
  • Black Screen of Death (BSoD).
  • Reputedly occurring errors and failures.

How often you should perform wipe cache partition on your phone: At least once a quarter or after every OS Update. It is pointless and a waste of time if you do it on a daily basis.

Performing wipe cache partition on Huawei P50 Pro:

Check out the given process and follow the step to smoothly wipe the cache partition in Huawei P50 Pro. Thereby you can refresh the Android 9.0 Pie system and upgrade to Huawei HiSilicon KIRIN 710F.

By wiping the cache partition you can clear temporary files from your phone’s operating system thereby it also aids in cleaning up any residual files from apps you have uninstalled, to help your phone run smoothly. Follow these steps to wipe your phone’s cache partition:

Step 1:

For a couple of seconds gently press and hold the Volume Up and Power button of your Huawei P50 Pro phone.

Wipe cache partition on huawei y8s

Step 2:

Then you have to select the Clear data and Wipe cache partition option by using Volume keys to flip through and then use the Power button to confirm that.

wipe cache partition

Step 3:

You can then wrap up the process by just going back to Main Menu and Restarting your Huawei P50 Pro.

Time consumed to wipe cache partition: Clearing the cache may hardly consume 5-10 minutes based on user memory. Also, note that before performing cache partition make sure your Huawei P50 Pro battery is charged at least 30%.

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