Download latest Samsung USB drivers and Steps to install [v1.7.31.0]

What is a USB Driver?

USB Driver is a tool or program that can be installed just like any other program on the computer. Samsung USB Drivers is a program for Windows computers that helps users connect their Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet to the PC using a USB cable. Besides it precisely creates communication or a bridge between device hardware and computer hardware to make the device function properly; for example, users can connect their Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet to their PC merely using a USB cable. The Universal Serial Bus (USB) driver makes connecting the device and synchronizing or sync the data between the phone & PC / Laptop viable.

Samsung USB Drivers

Hence transferring data such as images, videos, documents, etc can be done effortlessly. Above all, you can flash or install custom files like a custom recovery image, firmware, etc as well as executing ADB & Fastboot commands on your system using a PC command prompt.

Growth of Samsung in the field of Electronics

Samsung is one of the outstanding brands so far is launching a variety of succession these days, is ready to compete with Android phones and also ample other brands. In the epoch of Android phones, Samsung launches A series A30, A50, A80, as well as M series; they are also introducing M30, M40, and Galaxy S Series. In the next couple of years, the Samsung Galaxy S series will be introduced with advanced features. However, a large number of Android users are eager to customize their phones with their own preferences. Therefore, they go ahead with the rooting process of their Android phone, and in the course of the rooting process, sync data or flash files on their Samsung device, here you need the latest Samsung USB drivers to install on your PC.

The entire process is quick and up to date, with the rapid growth of technology. Hence primary drivers are not necessary if you have already installed windows. Whenever we talk regarding a connection between two devices, particularly when We connect PC to Android Phone, you flash custom firmware or custom recoveries then you require drivers. Drivers are obligatory to make certain contact between the devices for more robust and secure customization. As a result, it is always recommended to install the Samsung USB Drivers software on your Windows computer for even and steady connection between your Samsung mobile & your PC/Laptop.

What Samsung USB Driver Exactly Do

The USB Driver for Samsung will also permit flashing root files and executing ADB/Fastboot commands. We always endorse our readers on whatsoever Samsung device-related guide to install the current USB Drivers on the computer. Perhaps if you wish to flash stock firmware on your Samsung Galaxy device, the USB Driver will be convenient all the time. Bear in mind that without installing an Android USB Driver on your device, the computer may not appropriately detect your connected device chiefly in Fastboot mode.

To install Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones, you have to simply unzip the file, and then follow on-screen instructions. after that, you will be needing access to a Windows user account that has administrator rights. then in your development application, you can use devices like the Galaxy S5Galaxy S6, and Galaxy S4. But it’s necessary that your Android app works well with Samsung devices, and this driver will assure you can test it without any issues.

Download Samsung USB Driver Here:

The latest version of {[v1.7.31.0] for Samsung USB driver available to download and it supports any Windows 7/8/8.1/10(32 bit & 64 bit). It is always recommended to download the latest version of the drivers. We also provided download links for all previous versions.

Samsung USB Drivers v1.7.31.0: Download [Latest]
Samsung USB Drivers v1.7.28.0: Download [Latest]
Samsung USB Drivers v1.7.23.0: Download
Samsung USB Drivers  v1.7.11.0: Download
Samsung USB Drivers v1.5.65.0: Download
Samsung USB Drivers v1.5.63.0: Download

Note: If you are macOS Operating System) or Linux PC you don’t need to install any USB Driver on your computer.

How to Install Samsung USB Drivers on your PC/Laptop

  • Once you have downloaded the file on your PC from the above link, next you need to extract the file by using WinRAR or 7zip. (here used WinRAR – as per below two screenshots)

samsung USB Driver Install

Install Samsung USB drivers

  • Now open the extracted folder and double-click the file.

Install Samsung USB drivers using winrar

  • Then you can see the Yes or No Button here just Click the Yes button. So, to allow windows to control the installation process as a user account.
  • The USB Driver installation wizard will be opened.

samsung usb drivers installation process

  • Now click on the Next button in the driver installation window.

samsung usb drivers installation process-language

  • Next, select the region and language you want >> Click the Next button as per the above screenshots.

samsung usb drivers installation process-Adreesing

  • Here you can choose the location to install it (marked in red box). Click the Install button as per the above screenshots.

samsung usb drivers installation under process

  • Yes, now you’re in the installation process, it will take less than 3 minutes to complete the process.

samsung usb drivers installation complete process

  • Once the USB Driver has been installed on your PC, click on the Finish button.


So, if you’re a regular Samsung Galaxy user and you’re still looking for customizations, flashing or data syncing on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone using Windows PC / Laptop. Samsung USB Drivers are going to be the master key for you. This USB driver is completely working on all Samsung Galaxy devices running on the Android operating system.

Are looking for Enable USB debugging mode? Click on this Link.

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